103 – Just Start Hating


  • MCP (Homework): Life in a Day
  • Marcus (Extra Credit): The Rock

On the Podcast

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  • Predictions
    • Mike – John Carter (25m)
    • Marcus – John Carter (45m)
    • MCP – John Carter (35m)
  • Movies
    • Mike (Homework): The Dead
    • MCP (Extra Credit): Dinner for Schmucks
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – Strikers War (5.8)
    • Marcus – Ladies of the Church (D/Q)
    • MCP – Ransom Baby – Oi apanthropoi (D/Q)


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Comments (12)

  1. Hellboy

    Walking Dead

  2. MCP

    Life in a Day

  3. D

    Good show guys! Um harley when you said eddie murphy not aging? It’s a black thing? wtf? pendejo =p all good lol. Cracked me up! Hard Candy Watched, also Fight Club for the very first time, Blue Valentine and Seven for the 1st time :O

  4. dubkatz

    shut up mexican. 😛
    hey so D what did you thing of finchers greatest films?
    Lived a day in a life, wait……..

  5. Mike

    The Descendants

  6. D

    For the unteenth time, I’m not mexican! =p

  7. dubkatz

    what language do you speak? your a mexican
    Tony drop that sample.

  8. Mike


  9. dubkatz

    “the rock”

  10. Mike

    Life in a Day

    The Rock