106 – Daddy, Shh Be Quiet


  • MCP (Homework): Immortals
  • Marcus (Extra Credit): Gangs of New York

On the Podcast

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  • Predictions
    • Mike – Intruders ($1)
    • Marcus – Hunger Games (65m)
    • MCP – Goon (20m)
  • Movies
    • Mike (Homework): Kidnapped
    • MCP (Extra Credit): Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – Carnival of Fear (D/Q)
    • Marcus – The Midnight Disease (D/Q)
    • MCP – Alien Opponent (4.4)


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Comments (16)

  1. mcp

    The Hunger Games

  2. Hellboy

    So I just finished watching Cyrus with Marissa Tome, John C Reilly, and Jonah Hill. 5 minutes in I wanted to throw my TV through a window with all the camera movement. Good characters though. Still want to throw my TV through a window.

  3. Mike


  4. Mike

    Do it Hellboy! DO IT!!!! We want pics of your TV destroyed

  5. mcp

    Screw that, I want to see pics of the shattered window.

  6. dubkatz

    screw that i want to see the look on hellboys face during the throw.
    the sunset limited.

  7. Hellboy

    Bad Boys please! I’ll open the window first.

  8. Mike

    ^BOO THIS MAN!!!!

  9. dubkatz

    2008’s bitten

  10. dubkatz

    got robbed in
    tower heist

  11. dubkatz


  12. mcp

    Gangs of New York

  13. Mike

    Gangs of New York

  14. dubkatz