19 – American Independence Day


Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Surrogates, A Perfect Getaway, Ponyo (Harley’s take), The Lovely Bones, She’s Out of My League, Funny People, Punch Drunk Love


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  1. Mike Lowry


  2. dubkatz

    damn mcp you are getting lazy. you dont even tell the people what movies we reviewed this week.

  3. MCP

    It’s a surprise!

    My apologies to all the people I let down.

  4. jeffro skull

    “Japs”?? WTF you racist slut! I have a half Japanese friend… I demand justice! STREET JUSTICE. KHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!

    Predators is gonna be fuqing righteous. Not a remake, just a sequel to the original Predator.

  5. Mike Lowry

    Yo welcome back Jeffro! We missed your comments on the site and yeah Predators is gonna kickass! Its gonna be what Aliens was to Alien.

    “You’re ghostin’ us, motherfucker. I don’t care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, I’ll bleed ya, real quiet. Leave ya here. Got that? “DubKatz

  6. dubkatz

    Ahh man just listined to the show tonight def. one if not the best. Also mcp awesome job editing. the outtakes really showed how much you cut it up.But its seamless. You deserve a raise.
    Also I watched that brock fight. I have never seen a man get beat up that much by a heavy weight and still get up. That was amazing what brock did. Either Carwin doesnt have any power behind him(doubt it) or Brock has the strongest chin/face ever. def. a awesome fight.

  7. Mike Lowry

    This episode was really good! Gets me excited for future episodes.Carwin has never fought past the first round.He usually knocks out fools by the first round.So this was the first time in his career he fought in the second and boy was he gassed. Brock knew that and took advantage.Credit Brock for coming back from his injury and not fighting for a whole year!

    “Get to the Chopper!”

  8. dubkatz

    two words
    Predators….. watched

  9. Mike Lowry

    Im going tomorrow!

  10. BadAsh

    What’s up, fellas!?! All caught up after my road trip. You know, after 10 straight hours you guys are really fucking annoying, lol! Just bustin’ balls. Seriously, you guys got better every episode. I really dig the template you got going now. I like being in on all the inside jokes. Dude, I got another nickname for MCP. After hearing about his 4 monitors, Ipad, etc… I’m gonna call him Stanley. Kudos to the first who gets it.

    Here’s a topic for discussion with Predator on the brain: What is Arnold’s second best movie ever? I say second because T2 is a given for first (can I get a witness, Harley)

    Going to Predators tomorrow!!!

    “Bunch of slack-jawwed faggots around here!”

  11. dubkatz

    And i would have to say my second favorite arnie movie is Either predator or total recall. If he had more than 3 lines in T1 that would be his second best performance. But its more about his look and the mood of the movie than just his performance.
    and thanks for the possitive feedback. Its nice to know someone is listening 😉

  12. Mike Lowry

    What up BadAsh! I’d have to say after hours and hours of research and watching a lot of movies, I’d have to say Totall Recall is my second favorite Arnie movie. Predator,Commando, and Twins and so on and so on lol!

  13. BadAsh

    Looks like that’s two for Total Recall “See you at the party, Richter!” Good topic for discussion. Did any body get the Stanley reference?

    “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun.”

  14. Mike Lowry

    We still haven’t figured out that damn Stanley reference lol.

    “Come on, Cohaagen! You got what you want. Give those people air!”