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Number Five is alive!

New podcast with a special appearance!

DISCLAIMER: We experienced some technical difficulties. While I won’t tell you that we chopped a 2 hour 40 minute podcast down to 50 minutes, I will say that you’re going to get 50 minutes of awesome. Note that we are now fully aware of what caused the problem and have solutions in place.

The homework for this week:

  • Alfonso’s choosing between Last Man Standing and Lo.
  • Harley’s watching How to Train Your Dragon in 3D because I forgot what he actually chose.
  • Special Guest is watching HEAT and Collateral. In that order, or else.

podcast for march 20th

new podcast

In this episode Fonso and Harley talk about were the name badboys comes from. we do a little ribbing at each other

we talk briefly about “Daywalkers”. and a few other movies. i talk about how much i love “Casino”

we give our reviews of “the new world” and the non family friendly movie “cannibal Holocaust”

and i would like to thank fonso for reeling my rant/tangent at the end. thanks to him we were able to keep this podcast just over 2 hours.

and i would also like to give out a very sincere thank you to Antonio Villanueva. if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have a web site.

So thanks and again i hope you guys enjoy the show.


part 1

Fonso’s homework was Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut which he finished, although not before having it run through the metaphorical canine digestive tract.

Harley watched and, at the risk of Fonso’s verbal lashing, expressed his opinion of Monster Squad.

Second. Base.

part 1
part 2