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Harley returns! This episode is filled with thrills, frills and spills! We talk about The Losers, Bad Lieutenant, Dead Snow, Uncertainty, Tron (again, yeah, I know, shut it), and Law Abiding Citizen.

For our double digit episode next week, we will each bring our top ten action scenes of all time.


It’s here.

Be advised that Harley had some vocal troubles and might not sound like himself.

Reviews on Tron, The Road, a lump of godzilla movies, a smear called El topo, and, oh yeah, a little something you might have heard of: Kick-Ass.

For next week, Tony is watching Tony (o.0) and Fonso will check out 1992’s Bad Lieten..Liut.. Bad Lt. with Harvey Keitel.


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We talk about Antichrist, Wraith, Heat, Collateral, Blindside, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Tron. Tron has been assigned to Alfonso and Harley for this week.

#6 is here

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here is podcast # 6. for april 4th hope you all enjoy. Fonso reviewed (strait to dvd) universal soldier 3 and i spoke about 3 movies.  “near dark”, “capitalism(a love story)” and “the road”. Some very good discussions.  and a little talk about babies stealing food and when should your infant start to talk. hope you enjoy and please we need more feedback.

and yes there is another disclaimer. we had a dropped call 5min. into the show. bust rest assured you didnt miss anything.