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14 – Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

This one.

Weekend’s Top 5 At The Box Office

McGruber, Troll 2, Square, Re-animator, Tenure, Nightmare on Elm Street, Never Sleep Again – The Elm Street Legacy (Documentary), Black Dahlia, The Quick and The Dead, The Salton Sea, The Saint, Prince of Persia.

13 – Don’t need no bitches


Astroboy, Ninja, Legion, Outlander, Date Night, Inside


12 – Spoileler Alert

Aqui esta.

Reviewed: Edge of Darkness, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Pandorum, Inglorious Bastards (1978), Up In The Air, Robin Hood (2010), The Messengers, Hot Tub Time Machine

No homework because we’re terrible at being our own teachers.

11-Som Rackwell


It wasn’t a big week for movie watching, with only Brothers, Bullitt and Spiderwick Chronicles up for review. Oh, and of course, a little something called IRON MAN 2. Spoiler alert!

Machete Trailer

Holy shit I cant believe the cast they got for this movie.

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