21 – Jeffroskull (Guest)


Inception, Eraser, Doomsday, The Killer Inside Me, True Lies, 25th Hour


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  1. Mike Lowry


  2. jeffro skull

    You soooonofffaabitch

  3. jeffro skull

    BTW, I had it twisted: Zachary Levi from “Chuck” was a potential to play Clark Kent/Kal El/Superman, not Bruce/David Banner.

  4. Mike Lowry

    Damn that’s twice you messed up. For fucks sake you amateur!

  5. jeffro skull

    When was the first?

  6. dubkatz

    ahh i just listened to an interview of zach on adams c.’s carcast podcast and he seems like a really cool/funny guy. and he does have the the chris reeves look going on.

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  8. MCP

    Haha, Jeffro, and here I am thinking “What’d I misspell? Is a link broken?” So tell us, Mr. Lowery, what’s messed up?

  9. Mike Lowry

    On the actual podcast remember? You said “you said ah Tony u better erase that I just messed up”

  10. MCP

    You saying “twice” is what threw me off. I knew he messed up once in the outtakes, but where’d the second one come from? That’s when I wondered if you meant that I messed up.

    In other words, you misspelled “Lowrey”.

  11. Mike Lowery

    Read the third comment. Damn homie does MCP stand for Misspelled check program

  12. MCP

    Right, and how is that a 2nd mistake? He’s just referring to his first one…

  13. Mike Lowery

    I’m retarded. Jeffro I apologize, man MCP is really your man servant isn’t he? Lulz!

    • MCP

      Unlike most, he pays in cash. That and the whole being black perk. He may be hiring if you get bored of having the government stare at you through cable boxes.

  14. dubkatz

    yea i wasnt on when you told the story about the guy talking about cable boxes. But i can say he probably got that idea from 1984. In the book. big brother(the government) has tv’s in every room of every house and it is a two way tv were big brother watches you every moment, as well as broadcasting propaganda. scary idea and like jeff said what are they gonna do watch me rubbing one out. But what if a computer recorded it and kept track of your habbits and behavior(like every time you spoke bad about the government or something like that)
    Just read the book 😉

  15. Mike Lowery

    Yeah dubkatz I told that guy about 1984 and he totally agreed with it. This guy said he went to dinner with this ex C.I.A guy and told him is it too far fetch to believe it? Nowadays everyone owns a computer and a cable box especially if they want a dvr or HD. I was just thinking it could be used like Minority Report and help stop some crimes by registering peoples habits. Kind of like the Predators!

  16. jeffro skull

    Ducati just announced the 848EVO and there’s a Dark variant. Comeon, Harley… come to the dark side. The dark, sexy side.

  17. dubkatz

    ohh dont get me wrong, I would love to add a duc. to my stable. there super sport bikes are far better looking than any of the jap. offerings. the only thing that comes close is a triumph daytona. With that said. A. my wife would loose her mind if i bought another bike. and B. I payed 3k for my original owner 19k miles not a scratch on her 98.. Show me a duc for that kinda money or even 3x’s that.

  18. dubkatz

    im out on the coast. rode 250 twisty ass miles so my butt is sore. But all is good. Hold it down tonight without me. And i want to hear some good stuff about sdcc.

  19. Mike Lowery

    You know it! We got you badboy!