23 – Stone Cold Steve Austin Powers


Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Universal Soldier Regeneration (Marcus’s Take), The Descent


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  1. Mike Lowery


  2. jeffro skull

    Upon inspection it looks like I just ran out of tire… I was trying to see if I could get the peg to scrape, turns out the tire is done before that happens.

  3. jeffro skull

    And it was the shifter, not clutch. It’s fine, though, I took it off, put it in a vise and bent it back out.

  4. dubkatz

    sorry to hear that. front or rear tire ran out? I noticed i use alot more of the rear tire than the front in the turns. but i still havent run out tire yet. what kinda tire was it? new? old? my pegs have those 2″ curb feelers on them and i havent even hit them yet. anyways glad to see your alright.

  5. MCP

    I think he meant that he was trying to scrape the peg on the lean, but he lost traction on his tires before the peg touched ground. Props for having the balls to find that limit.

  6. jeffro skull

    I mean that I think I hit the ledge of the driving surface on the tire. The area designated for contact look like a piece of a circle, maybe, what, 90, 120 degrees? When I picked the bike up I could see that on both the front and rear tires there were marks all the way to the end of the contact area. This leads me to believe that you run out of traction before the pegs hit the ground. Of course I could be wrong, but the only way to check it is to lean the bike over and see which comes first: the peg or the end of the contact patch. I just haven’t done that yet. I need someone around to hold the bike or make the observation.

  7. jeffro skull

    Also, I watched Daybreakers last night. Fucking terrible.

  8. Mike Lowery

    Marcus “Hey I saw New World in HD!!!”
    Mike “ Who cares!!!”
    MCP “ Hahahahaha!”

  9. dubkatz

    Jeffro i understood your post 100% and i wouldnt doubt it for a second you were at a lean angle far enough to loose tire traction before you dragged hard parts. Its a Duc. for godsake not a goldwing with floor boards.

  10. dubkatz

    Ohh and “ghost writer”………..

  11. dubkatz

    ummm were is my new show!!!?!?!?!