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The Ghost Writer, Johnny Handsome, The Marlboro Man


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  1. jeffro skull

    first on your bored

  2. dubkatz

    alright so i have an idea. after listining to this weeks show today i relize that we often forget what movies we watched over the week. So what i proppose is we put them in the comment section as soon as we watched them for instance. Last night i watched Michael crichtons 1973 “westworld” starring yul brynner. and i have some very intresting comments about it. So stay tuned. so mike and mcp. If you watch it put it down.

  3. MIke Lowery

    Thats a good idea. I just watched Unforgiven. This weekend a double feature The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim cant wait!

  4. jeffro skull

    Unforgiven is AWEZOMG!!

    I unfortunately watched “The Quick and the Dead” as my western of the week. That made me sad inside.

    Also watched XXX (Vin Diesel, not porn), Sex Drive, and Surrogates.

    I will also be pulling the double feature this weekend. In fact both will be friday.

  5. dubkatz

    You know its funny. im not a fan of raimi, but i do like tqatd. Its a fun film. Its not supposed to be unforgiving like unforgiven. its supposed to be the spiderman of westerns.

  6. jeffro skull

    The first half is forgivable. It just goes downhill so fast after that. I’m all for movies that don’t take themselves too seriously and have some fun, but this was bad. Her character was so randomly slapped together and poorly thought out that it was impossible to want her to win. I wanted her to die at the end of the movie. Every character was terrible with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio, because the character was supposed to be corny and over the top. And even that character’s last 5 minutes were forced and awkward. It would all be palatable if the movie had been done tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn’t. He was being serious. “It looks cool when guys cock lever action rifles. I want them to do it literally every time they come in frame. What? No, I don’t give a shit if they cocked it two seconds ago! They’re extra cocking it for a double shot. That’s not how that works? Fuck it, I’m awesome and lever action rifles are awesome. What? You know what, shut the fuck up and get me a coffee. You know who you’re talking to here? I made Evil Dead, asshat!”

  7. dubkatz

    alright bad boy’s i did it. i watched kickass. last night.
    I have a feeling we are gonna run long this week. So get those mics hot. this weeks show is gonna be good.

  8. Mike Lowery

    I’m still waiting for my shootout list Harley! This weeks episode will be an epic of epicness and man testerone fueled action packed summer blockbuster extravaganza!!!! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!

  9. dubkatz

    this guy!!!!!

  10. D

    The Expendables… best action movie of the year!! I soooo want to see it again!

  11. dubkatz

    heres a funny little podcast title
    is a weekly motorcycle podcast i listen to. I thought this weeks title episode 41 was relevant to our little show.