26 – Mondo Macarb


MCP’s take on The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim, A Serbian Film, Clash of the Titans (MB’s take), Babies


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  1. Mike Lowery

    First yo! Hey D enjoy this all the way in Hawaii! Spread the word yo Mahalo!

  2. D

    Yo all, im in hawaii right now and I rather listen to the podcast cause hawaii sucks lol jk. It’s 530 am here and I can’t sleep. Major jetlag so I thought I would be first to listen and comment. Good show guys! 😀

  3. D

    Damm it I thought i was first but guess not

  4. Mike Lowery

    Hahaha Mondo Macabre getting some love! Epic, I’m out like rocket roller skates yo (vvvrrrooooommmmmm)

  5. Mike Lowery

    Piranha 3D watched……..

  6. MCP

    Eyes wide shut & Spun watched.

  7. dubkatz

    ahh yea, we are def. gonna have some good conversations this week.

  8. Mike Lowery

    Salt watched.

  9. dubkatz

    grown ups……….

  10. dubkatz