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Congo, Grown Ups, Salt, Piranha 3D, Generation Zero

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  1. Bad Ash

    First!?! Looking forward to talking with you guys. Rebel Without A Cause, watched… How do you like them apples?

    “Good, bad, you know…

  2. Mike Lowery

    Let’s thank BadAsh for ruining the surprise for this weeks show. A round of applause for my man BadAsh, I kid I kid! It’s going to be an awesome show I can’t wait!

    You’re the disease, and I’m the cure.

  3. MCP

    Oddly enough, the image I can’t get out of my head from A Serbian Film is one of the least graphic: the doctor frothing onto the final scene clutching a bloody steel pipe and the crotch of her dress a blood stained scene. Nothing is shown but everything is implied.

  4. dubkatz

    as well as
    “generation zero”

    and the big question everyone is asking 😉
    Is bad ash going to watch “13 Conversations About One Thing”?

  5. Mike Lowery

    To answer your question badboy, yes BadAsh said he will make an effort to watch it.

  6. Mike Lowery

    After listening to this weeks episode. I really dug our Trailer Talk segment. What did you guys think of it?

  7. dubkatz

    m.l. agreed
    Its a good way to talk about new movies coming out that we dont talk much about if at all.

    Ps. Im drunk and i just watched 13 conversations about something or another or whatever the fuck……
    O yea one other thing/

    mcp you better be on this week because if fonso gets a guest i wont be able to record.

  8. MCP

    Watched: The Abyss (Director’s Cut)

  9. dubkatz

    Ahh shit look at this guy. watching real movies. Im proud of ya brotha.

  10. Mike Lowery

    Don’t you mean boring ass movie? He only watched it cause he hasn’t slept in like three days, and he knew that movie would help! Zing!

  11. MCP

    Watched: 13 Conversations About One Thing

  12. Mike Lowery

    13 conversations….. Watched. Machete will be watched by both myself and MCP. Stay tuned!

  13. dubkatz


  14. MIke Lowery

    Machete watched…………………………………………

    “Machete don’t text”