28 – Badash (Guest)

At the wrist

Rebel Without a Cause, Eyes Wide Shut, Salt, Over The Top, Last Exorcism (Badash), Spun, Generation Zero, Starship Troopers, Repo Men, The Abyss, The Crazies, The Swamp Thing, Machete, 13 Conversations About One Thing.


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  1. MCP

    If anyone is curious, and you know you are, the cause of the whiny sound was the screen saver of the iPad.

    Nice show guys. Great show. Long as hell but worth every second. Thanks again to Badash for sticking through to the end!

  2. Mike Lowery

    Thanks again to BadAsh way to hang in there!
    Let’s see Don’t tell mom the babysitters dead, Grandmas Boy, Frozen watched. Also halfway thru season 1 of MadMen

  3. Mike Lowery

    Blue Velvet watched…

  4. Mike Lowery


  5. MCP

    Watched: The Warriors

  6. dubkatz

    damn badboy you on vacation or something. were you get all this time to watch all those movies? You get an ipad and taken lots of shits?

  7. Mike Lowery

    I had an extra day off work, and I know I’m slackin I need to watch more movies.
    Speaking of which MadMen season 1: Watched

  8. Ajax

    The Warriors Directors cut : Watched. Fuckin A!!!

  9. NYC Limousine

    thanks for posting this. i learned a lot and you gave me something to think about for the future.