31 – Brought to you by BLEEP

Devil, Sharktopus, Buckaroo Banzai, The Town, Wrath of Khan, Crazy Heart

Cha ching!


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  1. Mike Lowery

    IP Man, Watched.
    Monsters, Watched
    BatMan and SuperMan Apocalypse, Watched.

  2. dubkatz

    repo man watched.

  3. BadAsh

    Now, Marcus, is that the 80’s Emilio Esteves movie or the Genetic Opera or the Jude Law/Forest Whittaker version that I have yet to finish? Let’s be clear…

    “Yo, she-bitch, let’s go.”

  4. dubkatz

    jude law/forrest whittaker version. was this weeks homework.

    Iron man duece…… watched.

  5. BadAsh

    What up, BBPC! Hung out with one of my best friends last night and took in an “elevated” double feature.

    First up, (puff puff cough) Black Dynamite. To quote the late, great Rick James “That is absurd!”. Loved every minute of it! Was fascinated by the bonus feature, The Making Of. To see how they put it together, what these guys were able to accomplish… Might have just been my “state of mind”, but it was ponderous. Chainsaw full rev.

    Favorite quote, “At long last, a friendship bonded by the struggle against the man, brought to an end by Kung Fu Treachery!” I defy you to come up with something better.

    Next, the legend that started it all, Evil Dead. I’m ashamed to ssy, I had never seen the “birth” of one of my favorite films of all time. After watching B.D. it was interesting to see a really bad B movie that wasn’t supposed to be that way, made it that much sweeter. What’s not to love? The terrible monster effects, the cheesy blood and gore. My man Ashly is kind of a bitch, though. Found myslef missing the “Come get some.” Ash from A.O.D. How could I give this movie anything less than a jump, catch the chainsaw mid-air, full rev, with a pose for the camera! Until next time…

    “Wait! It’s a trick, get an axe.”

  6. Mike Lowery

    Bravo sir! Great job as always BadAsh! Just for that ur invited on the Cast this Sunday! Oh and don’t forget your chainsaw!

  7. Bad Ash

    I’ll finally have good reason to watch Repo Men all the way to the end, lol!

  8. dubkatz

    yea def, finish watching it. It will be a good conversation for sure.
    I watched the unrated version, and i can see why they call it that. Its def. a HARD R.

  9. Mike Lowery

    So do you guys want to know the real ending to Inception….. In a recent interview on BBC Radio Sir Michael Caine spilled the beans. This is what he said.
    “”[The spinning top] drops at the end, that’s when I come back on. If I’m there it’s real, because I’m never in the dream. I’m the guy who invented the dream.” So what do you guys think?

  10. MCP

    I read that too. He’s just a subconscious construct defending the dream.

  11. MCP

    … Watched: Repo Men (Unrated)

  12. Mike Lowery

    Sin Nombre, Watched
    Repo Men, Watched
    The Social Network, Watched

  13. Mike Lowery

    Thats Hilarious! He does look like a mix of both guys. But…. still not adorable enough.