33 – Ten Ten Ten

Knight and Day, Robin Hood, Primer, La Horde


By: Alfonso Salazar, Harley Martin, Antonio Villanueva
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Comments (11)

  1. Mike Lowery

    NIght of the Demons (2009) Watched
    The Foot Fist Way : Watched

  2. dubkatz

    frozen.. watched
    badboy if you get a chance finish watching it i wouldnt be curious what you had to say about it. Me and jaime have some very strong opinions about it.

  3. Mike Lowery

    Frozen : Watched

  4. dubkatz

    Paranormal Activity…..

  5. BadAsh

    Harley, can’t wait to hear what you thought of P.A..

    Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Watched.

    Watched The Machinist, Chainsaw Reved. Check out the forum to see my thoughts and discuss w me (Tony went to the effort to create a forum, I’m gonna support it).

  6. Mike Lowery

    Hellz yeah badboy you saw P A! That’s awesome! BTW on the last episodes comments number 24 to be exact I beat you to the punch lol. Were definitely talking about this week!

  7. Mike Lowery

    Blazing Saddles Watched

  8. MCP

    Watched: Blazing Saddles, The Karate Kid (2010)

  9. dubkatz

    homework…….. watched

  10. MCP

    Watched: Burning Bright

  11. Bad Ash

    Watched: Jackass 3D