34 – Want to buy a lil’ tiger?

The Karate Kid (2010), Paranormal Activity, Night of the Demons, The Foot Fist Way, Burning Bright, Frozen, Blazing Saddles



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  1. dubkatz

    for my badboy.
    the expendables…..watched.

  2. Mike Lowery

    Jackass 3D……..Watched

  3. Bad Ash

    Jackass 3D….Watched. They took it to far… I straight up dry-heaved in the theater, no bull shit! Wow.

  4. Mike Lowery

    BadAsh wait till you see what didn’t make to theatres!

  5. dubkatz

    Hey i called it. I said the dvd will be rated nc-21

  6. Mike Lowery

    Burning Bright…Watched……

    “U wanna buy a lil tiger?”

  7. dubkatz

    social network got a release today up here. im gonna go tommorow.

  8. dubkatz

    some movie with bad accents and dragons watched.

  9. dub

    the pianist.watched,.

  10. Mike Lowery

    The Pianist: Watched

  11. dubkatz

    the social network…
    Finally watched.

  12. MCP

    The Pianist watched