35 – Take Care of Your Jews

The Expendables, Jackass 3D, How To Train Your Dragon, Burning Bright, The Social Network, The Pianist



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  1. Mike Lowery

    I hate you guys!
    The Exorcist: Watched
    The Exorcist III: Watched
    Christine: Watched
    The Walking Dead first episode: Watched

    “FUCK that SHIT Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!”

  2. dubkatz

    “the room”
    Glad i go that out of the way.

  3. dubkatz

    wall street money never sleeps.

  4. dubkatz

    got another one.
    “Alien resurrection”

  5. dubkatz

    Tried watching “eraserhead”
    jaime said she watched it and liked it.
    Bottom line. couldnt finish it. only got 1/2 hour and just turned it off.
    too bezair for me. maybe some other day.

  6. Mike lowery

    What!? You couldn’t finish it huh, yeah it’s a little bizarre. I was under the impression you finish all your movies, no matter how terrible *ahem* The Room lol

  7. Mike Lowery

    The Room Watched!
    “Oh Hai Mark!”

  8. MCP

    The Room, witnessed.

  9. dubkatz

    Im wondering why a certain program hasnt seen a certain programing movie.


  10. Mike Lowery

    That sucks 🙁
    Scott Pilgrim : Rewatched