44 – Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Story, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Toy Story 3, The Joneses


Homework: Enter the Void

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  1. MCP

    Despicable Me

  2. Mike

    The Tourist

  3. dubkatz

    monsters watched

  4. dubkatz

    the girl with the dragon tattoo

  5. Mike

    The Expendables: Rewatched

  6. D

    Valkerie, t-2,gladiator watched. Damm harley your in love w/ demi moore lol. Good mike… rewatch expendables so you know it’s better than a-team =p

  7. D

    Amen to your review on scent of a woman mcp. I loved that movie, especially the end.

  8. Punxsutawney phil

    groundhog day

  9. MCP

    One of Pacino’s best monologues. Did you notice that all the drops were from that movie? “Uh oh, we got a moron here.” Happy New Year, fellows!

  10. dubkatz

    inception,the social network & enter the void watched

  11. Mike

    Enter the Void Watched

  12. MCP

    Enter The Void

  13. MCP

    Groundhog Day

  14. Mike

    End of Days and Black Swan Watched