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Homework: The Believer

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  1. Mike

    Single White Female And The Believer Watched

  2. dubkatz

    The believer

  3. Mike

    I think for extra credit we should all watch Middle Men!

  4. dubkatz

    I see dead people…..
    i mean Charlie st. cloud

  5. Mike

    Middle Men (Watched)

  6. Mike

    @MCP Sounds good to me

  7. dubkatz

    mighty might miss the show this week boys. Im going camping sat and likely monday night. But ill do my damndest to get a hotel on sunday(ill have the wifeys laptop.)

  8. Mike

    Don’t sweat it. If u can’t u can’t. Just keep us posted either way the SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

  9. mcp

    You can still review your movies next week, no worries

  10. dubkatz

    thanks badboys. I made reservations at a motel that claims it has wifi. So as long as i dont have any I.T. issues we should be good.

  11. mcp

    Keep the receipt. If we ever make money, you can expense it!

  12. Mike

    Especially since he’s staying at the four seasons…..diva

  13. mcp

    Meet Joe Black
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    The Believer

  14. mcp


    “Like the Lakers… Nah, not like the Lakers.”

  15. Mike

    Dreamcatcher “I Duddits!”

  16. dubkatz

    walking tall