58 – Getting a Dookie Vibe From You

Homework: The Green Hornet

    The Podcast

  • Yogi Bear
  • Hobo With a Shotgun
  • The Good Times Kid
    • This is what made me want to see this week’s homework.

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  1. dubkatz

    no more movies in frames for you.

  2. mcp

    From now on all my homework will be based on movies in frames. Thanks for the suggestion!


    wouldnt it be cool if you too could turn back time like the Prince of Persia.

  4. dubkatz

    hung out with a hobo in fuck town. and ate McDonalds with trovolta in paris with love.

  5. dubkatz

    kicked ass with the green hornet.


    rubbed one out to Diane sawyer in
    the switch

  7. mcp

    The Green Hornet

  8. Mike

    Got Stung by The Green Hornet