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here is podcast # 6. for april 4th hope you all enjoy. Fonso reviewed (strait to dvd) universal soldier 3 and i spoke about 3 movies.  “near dark”, “capitalism(a love story)” and “the road”. Some very good discussions.  and a little talk about babies stealing food and when should your infant start to talk. hope you enjoy and please we need more feedback.

and yes there is another disclaimer. we had a dropped call 5min. into the show. bust rest assured you didnt miss anything.

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  1. Anonymous

    Watching movies and making a podcast is AWESOOOOOME!!

  2. I agree it is AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!

  3. Badash6080

    I’ve been working on my NF queue. I added Lucio Fulci’s The New York Ripper. I remember seeing it when I was 6 or 7. I can definitely say it “stuck with me”. I’d like to hear Fonso’s thoughts (and Harley if he’s seen it).

  4. Badash6080

    previous comment was mine

  5. Same person as below

    This is fucking lame… I think The “talker” Harley is way to into himself. He doesn’t even think before he speaks. And what up with Alfonso. Does he have a backbone. Not that I want to hear what he has to say but I think it would be better then listing to the prick on the other side. My opinion… I think you are a bunch of geeks. GO GET LAID… Is your wives ugly. It’s not about you as individuals its about the chemistry. You guys are a bunch of fags. Maybe you should think twice about sucking each other off on the show. Get a life!

  6. Same person as above

    I think And no I wouldn’t admit this to your face… You guys are great. I laugh at what you have to say. I am a female and some things wouldn’t appeal to me, but for some reason they do. I think I love listening to you guys shoot the shit more then any thing. Keep it up! You Rock!

  7. Badash6080

    What’s with this one? She’s bustin’ balls, she likes it… Is it to much to ask for consistency in hating?

    • Antonio Villanueva

      Haha yes, why are you so greedy with your hate!? Accept what inconsistent shit we give you and [Arnold voice] STOP COMPLAINING!

      But seriously, I think someone is just having some fun with us.

  8. Mr.Alucard

    Yeah man stay consistent with your haterade. ” Dont waste my motherfucking time!!!

  9. Mr.Alucard

    BadAsh I can’t believe you saw New York Ripper when you were 6 that explains so much lol. I just recently purchased it in bluray cause you know you have to see good gore in HD!

  10. Jeffro Skull

    I’m also posting in this thread!

    Glad someone appreciates Gran Prix. Now go watch Le Mans. Then watch Driven. Then shower off the smell of shame.

  11. mightydubkatz

    I have le mans on dvd(great movie)really McQueen’s passion project. but unless your a hardcore racing fan. its not for you. and if you realy wan to see some real true to form racing watch “days of thunder” (in my best redneck voice) rubbin’s racing!!!!:P