61 – Balls Deep In Spring

Homework assigned: The Way Back

    The Podcast

  • Super
  • Black Rain
  • RIO
  • Homework Due: Terms of Endearment
  • Speed Round Results
    • Marcus – From Prada to Nada: 4.4 (Winner!)
    • Mike – Kung Fu Dunk: 4.5
    • MCP – Ninjas vs Vampires: 7.2

    New Rating System

  • That’s a fucking movie.
  • Buy that for a dollar.
  • That would be a waste of time.
  • That’s one big pile of shit.

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  1. Mike

    Trying something new. I will post the more popular of the dvd releases of the week, and heeeere…we…gooo!!
    This weeks DVD and Blu-Ray releases for April 26th 2011 are

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (criterion Collection) {B}
    El Topo and Holy Mountain {B}
    Deep Red {D} {B}
    DinoShark {D} {B}
    South Park Season 14 {D} {B}

    *D=DVD B=Blu-Ray*

  2. Mike

    Went Drifting in Tokyo!

  3. dubkatz

    danced to black swan,
    and got blown up in source code.

  4. league of extraordinary gentleman was one big pile of shit. killed Stephen Norrington’s directing career. That, and he got in a fistfight with a 73 year old Sean Connery.

  5. D

    Ip man 2 watched! Quite possibly the greatest martial arts movie ever made! Fast 5 watched watched! Awesome movie! I want to see it again

  6. Mike

    The Way Back with double salt


    my feet hurt after the way back.

  8. mcp

    Fast Five
    The Way Back

  9. Mike

    Fast Cinco