69 – As the Anus Turns

Homework Assigned (MCP): Stone
Extra Credit Assigned (Marcus): Robocop

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
      Cars 2

    • Marcus – #1 $75
    • Mike – #1 $50
    • MCP – #2 $27
  • Movies
    • Green Lantern
    • Crash [Homework Due]
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – Zombie Holocaust (5.0)
    • Marcus – Wild Cherry (4.2)
    • MCP – The Nesting (3.5)

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Comments (17)

  1. Mike

    RIP Ryan Dunn. So sad, remember kids don’t drink and drive ๐Ÿ™

  2. Mike

    Game of Thrones Season 1
    “Whats the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?”
    “Do Danish women count?”

  3. Mike

    Trust (2010)
    What took her family years to build
    A stranger stole in an instant.

  4. dubkatz

    one down one to go

  5. Terri

    Okay, most def not the “Crash” I remember! Imma looking for your version .. LOL

  6. Mike

    @Terri lmao

  7. dubkatz


  8. D

    Hola!!! Good show guys and congratz Harley for saying ” Fantastic 4″ instead of 5. You been saying “5” forever ๐Ÿ˜› Green lantern watched. You guys pretty much said it all so I don’t need to comment on it. By the way…when Harley was singing, ” Black and White…Red and Green”, I cracked up! That was awesome! Keep it up boys! Also Tony and Harley..scope out Ip man 2. Another good movie!

  9. dubkatz

    yea we need to get mcp to watch anything nun the less the Ip movies.

  10. Hellboy

    In space, no one can hear you turn into coins.

  11. BadAsh

    What up, BBPC! I’m curious to hear your collective take on G.L.. I wasn’t too impressed. I think it stood in a big shadow of X-men, story seemed rushed, and the acting in X-men was so good the bar is set high. I thought it would be worth seeing in 3D… wrong! I didn’t really notice I was watching a “3D” movie. That said, had some cool effects. Now that I’ve torn it apart, I had fun. Still love that they’re making these comic movies. Chainsaw high idle.

    I’m hoping Capitan America is the next great one…

    “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

  12. Mike

    @BadAsh really wanted to like GL, it’s not terrible and your right having X-Men come out before GL it raised the bar on how good comic book movies can be. I agree how cool is it that this summer we have Thor,GL,X-Men,Transformers 3, and Captain America coming out. I mean if I was 8 or 9 my mind would explode from all this awesomeness lol. BTW from what I hear (from my sources lol) Cap is really good. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

    โ€œStay out of trouble”

  13. mcp

    In space, no one would hear my bad jokes, either.

    Haha thanks, Hellboy.

  14. BadAsh

    Now I see it, stupid computer…

  15. Mike


    โ€œThey say the sound part comes first. They say, when you experience a spiritual truth, that it comes to you as a sound that goes through you, changes your vibration, gets you back in the harmony. Like God’s tuning fork or something… And then, if you let that happen to you, then you get the light, you get an illumination.”

  16. Mike

    โ€œ Too bad about Kinney, huh? That’s life in the big city.”

  17. mcp