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We talk about Antichrist, Wraith, Heat, Collateral, Blindside, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Tron. Tron has been assigned to Alfonso and Harley for this week.

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  1. Badash6080

    Kick Ass best movie of 2010???

  2. mightydubkatz

    we will see. i am def. pumped but with iron man 2, inception, tron, robin hood. etc. there is def. some stiff competition.

  3. Badash6080

    Inception? Have you guys talked about it recently?

  4. Mr.Alucard

    So far KickAss is my favorite movie of 2010!!! 10/10!

  5. Mr.Alucard

    we have talked about Inception briefly

  6. Badash6080

    Anybody seen Dead Snow? It is a Horror/Zombie/Nazi (how can you go wrong?) movie I came across on Netflix. I’m game, any opinions?

  7. Mr.Alucard

    A horror Nazi zombie how can you go wrong? Well from what I read, horribly wrong I have yet to see it. I’ve had it on my instance que forever but never had the urge to watch it. Hope that helps, if you see it let us know what you think of it!

  8. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for #8!!