72 – Special Guest: Chris Morris

Homework Assigned (MCP): Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Extra Credit Assigned (Marcus): Rango

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
      Harry Potter

    • Marcus – #1 (70m)
    • Mike – #1 (110m)
    • MCP – #1 (100m)
    • Chris – #1 (65m)
  • Movies
    • The Nines
    • Horrible Bosses [Homework Due]
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Marcus – Belly of the Beast (4.4)
    • Mike – Belly of the Beast (4.4)
    • MCP – Dangerous Babes / Sextette (2.8)
    • Chris – Skidoo (4.7)
By: Alfonso Salazar, Harley Martin, Antonio Villanueva
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Comments (29)

  1. BadAsh

    What up, BBPC! Checked out Bad Teacher Friday night. Not a really funny R comedy… Had some moments but the bar has been set by 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and of course Hangover. Chainsaw Idle. Sounds like I should’ve checked out Horrible Bosses instead.

    TF3 today, in IMAX 3D. The first is one of my all time favorite movies. I find myself wondering, what happened? Story was drawn out, I actually found myself thinking “damn, how long is this?” not good for an action movie. Characters weren’t as loveable… Sound rocked my face off and there were some great visuals. Chainsaw Revved.

    “We’re going to kill them all!”

  2. Mike

    The Dark Knight Rises Poster is online Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike

    I see a Point Break commentary in our near future….

  4. Hellboy

    Why haven’t you done a Point Break commentary. Get the ball rollin’ Bad Boys!

  5. Hellboy

    There was supposed to be a question mark there somewhere….

  6. dubkatz

    Im thirsty

  7. dubkatz

    an email from my mom regarding this weeks show

    The podcast was fabulous! So great to hear about Chris, and then I visited his website. It was fun to hear you all talking about your younger escapades. The Mall story was good. I laughed and listened to the whole first hour.

    btw; you use the word “tooken”, which doesn’t exist, should be “taken”.

    Keep up the great work,

  8. Mike

    That’s so cool! Shout out to Moms! :)

  9. Hellboy

    New Spider-Man pics online, the costume looks badassssss. New John Carter of Mars trailer look similarly badasssss.

  10. dubkatz

    watched the first 5 episodes of falling skies. and its a kickass show much like the walking dead.

  11. Mike

    Spidey’s suit does look pretty slick! I’m digging it

  12. Mike

    The Trailer for scorcese’s new movie HUGO is out…looks different

  13. BadAsh

    What up, BBPC! Am I the only one who’s irritated with the new Spiderman movie? Maybe you guys have talked about this. Why “remake” a movie that was great to begin with and done so recently? At least Batman had a good 20 years, the potential just in the current technology made it worth doing (plus the shit that was the last couple of the franchise). What’s next, a remake of Iron Man!?! There are so many other great comic book characters/stories available, wtf?

    “I don’t want to get off on a rant here…”

  14. mcp

    Yeah! Remakes of something recent and decent are ridiculous. Remakes of older movies are cool, whether they were awesome in their own right or not, because of changes in technology and philosophy.

    With that said, I will watch ANY modern superhero movie, recent remake or not. I just like to see superhuman powers visualized with modern technology. Since technology is only considered “modern” within the last 3 seconds … bring on the Spiderman! Just don’t expect me to pay for it… hah >.> J/K ,,|, MPAA

  15. Hellboy

    The reason behind the “remake” is purely financial. Sony will lose the rights to Spider-Man if they don’t make a movie.

  16. Mike

    Well everyone knows how I feel about remakes lol, I’m not a big fan of the first Spidey. The new costume looks sick! To remake to soon argument I think Let me in and how good that movie was, sometimes they get it right….sometimes.

  17. BadAsh

    Episode 70 residual. I was patroling my floor this morning and found myself humming the Robocop theme (I swear I didn’t make robot sound effects ;-) .

  18. Mike

    @BadAsh sure you weren’t humming and Ssssssssure you weren’t making the robot sound effects lmao!

    “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

  19. mcp

    Harry Potter 8

  20. Mike

    “I dont think its going to make Transformers money” Guess which BadBoy said this quote about Harry Potter’s box office numbers on the latest episode?

  21. Mike


    “Well you’re lucky he didn’t plum love asparagus.”

  22. mcp


  23. dubkatz

    just back from 4 day camping trip with the fam. badash i couldnt agree with you more. I dont give a shit why they “HAVE” to make the movie. i dont want to see it. and when it make a billion dollars im gonna get angry and throw something.
    and i Do want to get of on a rant here

  24. dubkatz

    the longest axe body spray commercial of all time

  25. Mike

    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES TEASER TRAILER IS OFFICIALLY OUT TODAY AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah i know its all caps that how excited I am)

  26. Mike


    “He’s an angel!”