73 – Let’s Get to the Murdering Part

Homework Assigned (Marcus): Ironclad
Extra Credit Assigned (Mike): Zombie (1979)

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
      Captain America #1

    • Marcus – (85m)
    • Mike – (82.9m)
    • MCP – (75m)
  • Movies
    • Rango
    • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer [Homework Due]
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Marcus – Puppet Monster Massacre (8.9)
    • Mike – Dead and the Damned (8.0)
    • MCP – Goblin (4.5)
  • Extras
    By: Alfonso Salazar, Harley Martin, Antonio Villanueva
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Comments (15)

  1. Mike


    “God Damn Devils! Murdering God Damn Whoooresss!!”

  2. dubkatz

    survived for now.

  3. Mike


    “ The boat can leave now. Tell the crew.”

  4. D

    Hey guys good show! And your right Harley…I don’t sleep much. maybe that’s why I was a ble to watch all these movies…. Cloverfield, American History X, Casino Royale, Quantom of Solace,Unknown, Inglourious Basterds, U571, The Princess Bride, Tron Legacy, Universial Soldier, Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, Rocky 1-6, Platoon and Inception! INGASO!!!!! I predict Captain America=70 mil at most. Anyways, good show…keep it up!! =P

  5. D

    Oh and I also saw ” A History of Violence”

  6. Mike



    damn D you should start your own podcast, with all those movies you watched.
    28 weeks later watched
    should be called 28 redbulls later because some of those zombies can run faster than Usain bolt.

  8. Hellboy

    “Damn, that guy runs faster than Walt Flanagan’s dog”

  9. Mike



    Batman Year One

  10. dubkatz

    locked down.

  11. mcp

    Attack The Block
    Batman: Year One
    Cowboys and Aliens
    Captain America

  12. Mike

    Captain America

    “I thought he was taller”