It’s here.

Be advised that Harley had some vocal troubles and might not sound like himself.

Reviews on Tron, The Road, a lump of godzilla movies, a smear called El topo, and, oh yeah, a little something you might have heard of: Kick-Ass.

For next week, Tony is watching Tony (o.0) and Fonso will check out 1992’s Bad Lieten..Liut.. Bad Lt. with Harvey Keitel.

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Comments (9)

  1. Mr. Alucard

    As of right now KickAss is the number 1 movie in America!!!

  2. Jeffro Skull

    You all disappoint me with your weak Godzilla knowledge. Correct this!

  3. Mr. Alucard

    Yeah Tony watch more Godzilla movies.I believe Jeffro just gave you an assigment.

  4. Antonio Villanueva

    Haha the only kind of Godzilla knowledge is weak Godzilla knowledge. Next!

  5. dubkatz

    Good job guys. I think you did a fabulous job without me. I was laughing the whole time. I will have a few things to say next week. but i dont want to spoil it for the listeners.

  6. Jeffro Skull

    That’s right, I forgot about your rampant racism against asians. And atomic reptiles.

  7. Badash

    Samuel L. Jackson is Godzilla! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  8. Mr.Alucard

    Stay tuned for my Dead Snow review!?!?

  9. dubkatz

    as in alligator? like pet gator? No, no pets in manns miami vice. However like fonso said he does have a mustache that looks like it could bite you.