85 – A Little Sidetraction

Homework Assigned (Marcus): Hesher
Extra Credit Assigned (Mike): American Werewolf in London

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  1. dubkatz

    o yea i forgot i also saw
    “The Adjustment Bureau”
    im sure mike cant wait to hear about this one. 😉

  2. dubkatz

    the real shark vs octopus
    my mom actually sent this to me.

  3. dubkatz

    also watched tree of life last week and never reviewed it.

  4. Mike

    Thank goodness!

  5. Mike


    “what’s green, slimy and smells like bacon?”

  6. dubkatz

    Oink, oink!

  7. dubkatz

    american werewolf in london.

  8. dubkatz

    Beats Rhymes and Life The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest
    bobbed my head to.

  9. mcp

    An American Werewolf in London

  10. dubkatz

    you know for a guy that was so pissed at the Tom six film. you go and pick a Lars von Trier film. you must be a sucker for punishment.
    and did you see the orig. footloose or did your parents take you to the theater?

  11. Hellboy

    You guys should check out Kelly McGillis in Witness with Harrison Ford. It fits with the theme of 1985 movies, but there are tits in it. Hers. Try not to imagine what they look like now. uuuuggghhh, I just creeped myself out.

  12. mcp

    Couldn’t wait for the ‘cast and blowing your load a bit early, eh dubz?

  13. dubkatz

    Zoo keeper witnessed.

  14. Mike

    An American Werewolf in London

    “I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!’