87 – Presenting Brooke in: Boobies and Chony Ripping

Homework Assigned (MCP): The Last Circus
Extra Credit Assigned (Marcus): Requiem for a Dream

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
    • Mike – Puss ‘n’ Boots ($1)
    • Marcus – Paranormal Activity 3 (25m)
    • MCP – Paranormal Activity 3 (30m)
    • Brooke – Paranormal Activity 3 ($26,000,000.50)
  • Movies
    • Homework Assigned (Mike): Stay
      Spoilers: 1:18:22 to 1:31:51
    • Extra Credit Assigned (MCP): Bird with the Crystal Plumage
      Spoilers: 2:00:52 to 2:04:07
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – The Skin Game (5.9)
    • Marcus – Brideshead Revisited (6.7)
    • MCP – 11-11-11 (D/Q)
    • Brooke – The Skin Game (5.9)
  • Extras

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Comments (11)

  1. D

    Good show all! Cars 2…still wanting to see. Paranormal Activity 3 im curious about. Have to see 1st 2 first. Chargers and ravens lose 🙁

  2. BadAsh

    What up, BBPC! Boobies and Chony Ripping!?! I gotta start listening more…

    Finally getting around to posting some reviews:

    Saw The Thing a couple weeks ago, Chainsaw Full Rev. It was cool to see what they coulddo with this movie with modern effects. I’m totally on board with doing a “remake” as a Prequel, dug how they took it right up to the start of the original. I liked the leading lady as well.

    Last Saturday was “fright night”. Took the nephews to a Haunted Mine (which was bitchin’) and Paranormal 3! Aren’t you proud, Fonzo? I need to see PA3 again, I think it had the potential to be pretty good. I couldn’t tell bcause EVERY FUCKING PERSON in the theater talked and made stupid jokes the whole time! I swear, it was MST3000 amature night. The last 15 min were creepy, nice twist…

    The real scare of the night was the trailer for The Devil Inside, holy shit! That looks scary.

    “I’m giving you a choice, put on these glasses or start eating that trash can!”

  3. MIke

    BadAsh you are by far the raddest uncle around! So you really enjoyed The Thing huh!? Wow now I’m only a tad bit interested lol. That Haunted Mine sounds like an awesome time! I’d really like to hear your thoughts on PA3. I just watched the second one and I’m curious to see the third one. Now I gotta go and see that trailer your talking about.

  4. MIke

    Paranormal Activity 2

  5. BadAsh

    Mike, I think you’d dig PA3. The little kid factor adds some suspense. I’d like to see it again, maybe if I make it out in Nov…

  6. mcp

    Requiem for a Dream
    The Last Circus

  7. Mike

    The Last Circus
    Requiem for a Dream

  8. dubkatz

    super 8
    the last circus

  9. Hellboy

    It was nice to finally get some culture and class on the Bad Boys Podcast.I especially enjoyed the various descriptions you had for boobies.

  10. dubkatz

    Requiem for a Dream
    better late than never

  11. DrownSoda

    Brooke was awesome. Bring her back!!!!!!!!!