88 – I Looked Pathetic

Homework Assigned (Marcus): Adam Resurrected
Extra Credit Assigned (Mike): Bellflower

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
    • Mike – Puss ‘n’ Boots (15m)
    • Marcus – Puss ‘n’ Boots (26m)
    • MCP – Puss ‘n’ Boots (30m)
  • Movies
    • Homework Assigned (MCP): The Last Circus – Check this out on Killer Cast next week!
    • Extra Credit Assigned (Marcus): Requiem for a Dream
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – Satan’s Blood (6.0)
    • Marcus – Frankenhooker (D/Q)
    • MCP – Dirty Pictures (7.2)
  • Extras

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Comments (7)

  1. Mike

    Bellflower watched dude

  2. dubkatz


  3. mcp

    Adam Resurrected

  4. dubkatz

    adam resurrected

  5. Hellboy

    I don’t think I’ve heard you guys give a better analysis of a movie’s title and it’s relation to the film itself. Thank you MCP. And Harley stop interrupting.

  6. dubkatz

    I know, i know, i know.

  7. MCP

    Woot, got a mention from HB!