Harley returns! This episode is filled with thrills, frills and spills! We talk about The Losers, Bad Lieutenant, Dead Snow, Uncertainty, Tron (again, yeah, I know, shut it), and Law Abiding Citizen.

For our double digit episode next week, we will each bring our top ten action scenes of all time.

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  1. Jeffro Skull

    Movies with slomo walking that predate Matrix:

    Blade (awesome)
    Face Off (lulz)
    Young Guns (YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW bitches!)

  2. dubkatz

    hey badboy you get that soda stain cleaned up?

  3. Mr.Alucard

    Nah Man cherry dr. pepper is hard to come off dude!! Im kidding it came off but I think D’s manhood is still stained!

  4. dubkatz

    wheres my #10 master control???!!!!