92 – Turn On The Gay

Homework Assigned (Mike): City of God
Extra Credit Assigned (MCP): Beetlejuice

    On the Podcast

  • Predictions
    • Mike – Breaking Dawn (26m)
    • Marcus – Breaking Dawn (25m)
    • MCP – The Muppets (25m)
  • Movies
    • Homework Assigned (Marcus): Beginners
    • Extra Credit Assigned (Mike): Mad Max
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (2.3)
    • Marcus – Brassed Off (7.1)
    • MCP – Brassed Off (7.1)


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  1. dubkatz

    got mom to watch beginners and got an email from her

    I watched The Beginners and liked it. I think that it was put together well (tech talk, hahaha) and I liked the two story lines being told that were, of course, intertwined. I liked the fact that we never really found out much about the young couple (kept us hooked) but got a more in-depth look thru the dad into what many people have experienced in their lives as a result of culture and what it expects from us, and how we kowtow to it mostly, not realizing what we are giving up.

    Good story, nicely done. Good music, lighting and most important, except for a few mumble scenes the volume was never so low that I couldn’t hear what was being said, and it was never too dark either. Out of 5 stars, I give it a robust 3 1/2!

    luv ya

  2. mcp

    Kowtow! Nice word choice.

  3. Mike

    Moms know best 🙂

  4. Mike


  5. Hellboy

    So, I watched The Muppets. It was everything you’d expect from a Muppet movie and more. They winked to the audience, they broke the fourth wall, all the while keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. Cameos all over the place. Amy Adams was great, and Jason Segel was large and awkward. New Muppets 80’s Robot, and Deadly were funny. If you liked The Muppet Show, or any of the movies at all, check this movie out. All hail the Hobo King.

  6. Mike

    30 minutes or Less

  7. Hellboy

    “Turn on the gay?” When did you turn the gay off?

  8. Hellboy

    The first time I saw Mad Max, it was dubbed in American English. It wasn’t until 2000-2001 that I saw it with it’s original sound. Perhaps MCP should watch it dubbed. It won’t overload his logic circuits.

    “We remember The Night Rider!”

  9. dubkatz

    30 minutes or less.

  10. Mike

    City of Bullets