97 – Saw a Naked Man

Homework Assigned (Marcus): The Debt
Extra Credit Assigned (Mike): Raiders of the Lost Ark

    On the Podcast Spoilers 01:07:49 to 01:15:15

  • Predictions
    • Mike – Haywire (19.57.37% over 2 million)
    • Marcus – Underworld (27 POINT 3 million)
    • MCP – Haywire (20m)
  • Movies
    • Homework Assigned (MCP): We Need To Talk About Kevin
    • Extra Credit Assigned (Marcus): Die Hard 2
  • Speed Round Results:
    • Mike – The Deadly Spawn (6.0)
    • Marcus – The Nude Vampire (5.2)
    • MCP – Lips of Blood (5.9)


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  1. Hellboy

    Damn Bad Boys, D done told you. By the way Attack of the Block was awesome. I’m glad I’m staying current.

  2. Mike

    Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

  3. Mike

    Bad Teacher

  4. Bad Ash

    What up BBPC!!! Thought I’d check in, see what you guys are up to. I’ve had a chance to go to the movies lately, 3 times in fact…

    The Devil Inside: I’m gonna give it a High Chainsaw Idle. I wanted to like it more but something was missing.

    Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Chainsaw Full Rev! Never read the book and haven’t seen the Sweed version. It had me from the opening “acid trip” with the NIN cover of Immigrant Song and never let go. Great movie.

    Sherlock Holmes – G.O.S. I’m gonna give this one a Chainsaw Full Rev as well. It was a little slower than I had expected but the story was so strong it kept me thoroughly entertained.
    My last two experiences at the theater have reminded me why I became a movie geek in the first place.


  5. dubkatz

    worse teacher
    the debt

  6. mcp

    Bad Teacher

  7. dubkatz

    warrior down and out

  8. mcp

    Raiders of the Lost Ark