part 1

Fonso’s homework was Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut which he finished, although not before having it run through the metaphorical canine digestive tract.

Harley watched and, at the risk of Fonso’s verbal lashing, expressed his opinion of Monster Squad.

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  1. Badash6080

    Doing well guys, I’m still listening. Seriously, I started yesterday and the Podcast is still going, hay-ooo! You guys are teaching me to watch movies a different way. I’m appreciating and seeing things I’ve never seen before. “Ain’t it cool?” I’ve got Kingdom Of Heaven and Monster Squad (never seen it!) on my Netflix que. I also put Little Miss Sunshine on there. Heard it was good, any thoughts?

  2. Thanks BadAsh you the man! Yes little miss sunshine is great movie def. Would recvomend thanks for posting dude you rock now Get to the Choppaaaa!!!!